Monday, December 31, 2007
Perfect January Card for General Hellos

Love playing with my cuttlebug and the snowflake background, so I thought I'd make a general card for sending out to my friends in January. With a funeral, a surgery,a holiday open house during a snowstorm, Christmas, moving, sending my baby off to college and all that goes with life this is the first year I did not get Christmas cards done so I'm thinking I need to send a few hello's to some friends just to let them know I haven't totally forgotten the world. Happy 2008 to everyone.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Precious Grandson

Just had to share this precious picture of my grandson sitting in his new Pottery Barn Chair we gave him for Christmas, for being just three months old, he certainly is alert and chatty, so so cute, melts my heart!!! What joy!!
  posted at 12:47 AM  

Stationary set gifts

For my gift exchange I do with a group of girls every year........
  posted at 12:39 AM  

Gifts for my nieces and brother

Here are a few notebooks I made for my brother and nieces. It's so fun to give personalized gifts!
  posted at 12:34 AM  

Saturday, December 8, 2007
My New Stamp Room Desk Area

Here are some pics of my stamp room. It took so much longer to organize since my father in law passed away in the midst of moving stuff in. Sorry for the delay, hope it inspires you and gives you some ideas. There are a couple of things left to be completed, like my ribbon storage, but my husband is having some tough times dealing with the loss of his father so I need to give him a much needed break. In my room we used Natural Light bulbs in all the fixtures and it's the brightest spot in the house. So easy to work in, I love it. Enjoy.
  posted at 10:13 AM  

Stamp Sets, Family Pictures on Disc
I keep a back up of all of my digital camera pictures off my computer on disc so these are on this shelf along with my now unmounted stamp sets. I only unmount past sets and keep my current sets mounted until I'm done using them at stamp camps. I love love love love using the ez mount and using my stamps unmounted, I have nearly fail proof cards now when stamping images.
  posted at 10:07 AM  

Orgaizer for Small Items
I have three of these organizers that I purchased from Containers and More Store and LOVE them. I labeled each drawer and it literally holds every small piece of stuff I have. The one next to my computer holds the stuff I use often, like stamp cleaner, mono, dimensionals, blades, scorer blades, sponges, staz-on cleaner, and my digital camera cords, etc. I even have a drawer for my chocolate for those late night cravings! LOL.
  posted at 10:05 AM  

Bookshelf and Printer Stand

I love having my printer and cricut near by. The cricut expressions (my birthday and mother day gift this year) is so fun and my printer can print 12x12 paper, so awesome. It's a Canon i9900 and was a Christmas gift from my husband last year. I use it everyday! Both awesome products to use. The bookshelf holds dear family photos and smaller scrapbooks that I've made
  posted at 10:03 AM  

Closet Storage Begins

I store my 8.5 x 11 paper in magazine holders by color family and my 12 x 12 paper in those plastic paper holders. The shelves also hold my family photo albums that are in order by year, the kids love love love to look at them. One shelf hold the larger scrapbooks I have made, so many more to get done though.
  posted at 9:57 AM  

My Stampin Closet

My closet is not finished yet as we have not put up the ribbon holders (I think I will be using the plastic gutter as opposed to the dowel rods I used to use as they always fell off), but this gives you an idea to begin with. The card boxes I got on clearance last year at Garden Ridge for .50 cents each and they hold cards that I mail out (organized by category) and swap cards and cards that I want to keep for inspiration.
  posted at 9:28 AM  

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