Monday, September 24, 2007
I have a brand new grandson
What a precious little bundle, don't you think?? Our son and daughter in law had baby Cole on September 20, 2007 and it has been the most wonderful time. He is our first grandchild and couldn't be more adorable....all 7 pounds of him. I love his sweet little face!! He will need one very large scapbook for all the photos we have been taking!!
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Saturday, September 15, 2007
Our New Home!
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I traded life in the fast lane to life in the back roads...
WE just moved into a house in the country, a peaceful 5 acres with no street lights, lots of critters and 15 minutes to the grocery store....considering I grew up in the "burbs", it will be some adjusting. I have an awsome house and will share a couple of pictures here...each morning when I get up I have a view of turkeys, horses, frogs, snakes, trees, and all that goes with. By fall they will begin our 2 acre lake which should make life without the "city conviences" a little sweeter. I have family here (aunts and cousins) so that made our decision given the fact that my cousins husband is a custom builder and gave us a "choice" lot, so my cousin that I grew up with is just 12 acres away instead of 50 miles!! If only my kids were close to us...maybe someday.......dream dream dream....

Well that explains where I've been for the last four months, moving, packing, sending my baby off to college and losing my organized stamp room and trading it all in for a wall of cardboard boxes and card tables..........yikes.....
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Empty Nester Syndrome

Well our youngest graduated from high school in May and we took him off to college so between building our home, his graduation and him moving away, it's been a rough 4 months...stamping had taken a side road, but hopefully I'll be up and running again soon... WE were without internet for over a month, glad those days are over. So my baby boy (19 years old!) left home, all three boys (28, 24, and 19) are now gone....even though our youngest is away at Mizzou (University of Missouri - Columbia) and I know he will be home for holidays, I still cry every time I talk to him.. He is living in a "frat house" and making me crazy with worry!! They assure me he will be safe...pray pray pray.......
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Today's Stamp Meeting at Kim's

It's always like Christmas to me when I attend my upline meeting...Kim (the best upline ever)!! This is the swap card I made for the meeting today....our upline and sweetie Kim always makes sure we girls leave with lots of great ideas and make a great project. Our dear sister Roberta shared a "cris cross" card with us and it was adorable. Roberta brought the cardstock, ribbons, inks, stamps and was so generous to share with the entire group, so we learned a great tutorial and took home a beautiful card, not to mention brought yummy muffins!! Kim adopted a stampin sister SHAR from SanDiego who brought along some great ideas for stampin on tiles and making magnets using the All In The Family Set.What an awesome group and such good stampin sisters I have !!!
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